Useful links and Contacts

We'd better list the RSCDS first because it's the global leader of Scottish Country dancing - and it's quite an interesting site which has recently been revamped.
Grand Chain is a really good source of information about clubs and societies throughout the world, about bands and music and on and on and on.
For resources for Scottish dancers you can't do much better than this.
Minicrib is a wonderful - and free - service that gives you the instructions for just about every Scottish Country Dance ever written. The providers deserve the greatest praise and gratitude.
The Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary is another useful resource, with instructions, explanations of dance terms and videos of dances - don't expect perfect performances from every video, but they show everyone having fun.
There are a fair few Scottish societies in Cheshire and Lancashire loosely coordinated by the Federation.

Our President is Christine Woodward (07752 184 939).  Janis Maloney sells tickets to all our events. You can contact her on 07704 896957 or email her at:

Our teacher is Christine (Chris) Woodward whose aim is to make the class as enjoyable as possible whilst trying to instill the basics of Scottish Country Dancing. 

Our font of all knowledge is Chris Woodward - if you want to know anything about dates and times and who's who, 'phone her (01244 545550 or 07752184939) email: