We meet on Wednesdays at 7:45 pm until about 10pm at the Caldy Valley Centre, Caldy Valley Road, Chester CH3 5PR - that's by the Sainsbury's roundabout in Great Boughton.  Plenty of free parking at the venue.

Wednesday evening sessions are in two parts:

  • From 7:45pm to around 8.50pm the session is led by Joan or Christine and we learn and practice the basic steps and learn new (to us) dances.  Each dance in this part of the evening has a full 'walk-through' so it's very good for beginners and improvers - and the more experienced will help the less experienced. Because of this, all dances in this session are graded with one star.  This is followed by a short comfort break and any announcements (of dances, etc).
  • Please note, no refreshments are provided and you are advised to bring water with you.
  • From 9pm 'til we run out of steam, we have an hour of social dancing; dances are recapped and walked through, if needed. This part of the evening is a bit more challenging, and not all dances may be suitable for beginners. We are now grading dances according to difficulty to help with this part of the evening. 

2018 - Autumn season runs from 5th September to 12th December

2019 - Spring season runs from 9th January to 8th May (AGM 24th April 2019, at 7.45 pm, followed by dancing).  

We have special events as well: we have the following dances to enjoy this season:

  • Saturday 8 December 2018 is our 'open to all' Christmas Dance at St Columba's Church Hall, Newton, Chester CH2 1SA which we have combined with our President's Night. Dancing will be to the music of The Lothian Band. 
  • Saturday 2 February 2019 is our 'open to all' Burns' Night Supper and dance at St. Columba's Church Hall, Newton, Chester CH2 1SA dancing to George Meikle's excellent playing.  (Programme on page opposite). 
  • Our Summer Dance at Guilden Sutton is on Saturday 8 June 2019 at Guilden Sutton Village Hall when we will again dance to George Meikle's music. Ticket price £12.


To find out more call Christine on 01244 545550 or Marilyn on 01244 683677 (who will be able to sell you tickets).











Wednesday 16 January 2019

First half

·       I have done the programme so that a choice can be made on the night which dances to do:

·       Some step practice / travelling with and without partner

·       Turning / casting

Welcome Dance

Homecoming Dance / Baldovan Reel R*

12 Coates Crescent / Byron Strathspey S *

Machine without Horses / Reel of the 51st Division R *

Highland Rambler R*

DOM: Robertson Rant S *

Second half - Julie's choice

Moulin Rouge  R ***

Dreamcatcher S **

Elephant Stampede  J**

Repeat: Robertson Rant S **

It time

Recumbent Stone R ***

Lochalsh Reel R **

Chester Caledonian Scottish Country Dance Society

Burns Night - Saturday 2 February 2019 - Music by George Meikle

We are opening the evening with dancing by children from Whitley Village School, led by their teacher

Lorna Keegan following which parents and children may wish to join us in:

The Welcome Reel (R)

Maxwell's Rant (J)

Up and Down Ben Nevis (S)

Rothesey Rant (J)

Lochalsh Reel (R)

My Friend Joe (S)

General Stuart's Reel (R)

Minister on the Loch (S)


Mrs Milne of Kinneff (S)

Lassie Come and Dance With Me (J)

Reel of the 51st Division (R)

The Robertson Rant (S)

Baldovan Reel (R)

Alex Doig's Jig (J)

City of Belfast (S)

Elephant Stampede (J)

Extras: 12 Coates Crescent (S) : Mr Iain Stuart Robertson (R)